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At mydeo, our crossdomain.xml file is not stored at the root of our domain(s). If you’re trying to access http://ht.cdn.mydeo.net/crossdomain.xml or http://mydeo.vo.llnwd.net/crossdomain.xml and wondering why they aren’t working, that’s because they’re not there!

Mydeo does not use a wildcard crossdomain.xml file, meaning that if your domain is not already listed in our crossdomain.xml, you will need to request it is added first. Then, follow the steps below to get your Flash application working correctly.

If the files you want to access are hosted on any of the following domains, you will need to append “/o1/u/m3/crossdomain.xml” to the root paths:

It is common belief that crossdomain.xml needs to be at the root of a domain, but this requirement can be worked around by utilizing the following commands in your application:

  • System.security.allowDomain()
  • System.security.loadPolicyFile()

These two commands were designed to allow the crossdomain.xml file to be loaded from anywhere within the domain tree and should be used as follows (choose based on the URL of the content you are attempting to access):

These must commands must be executed prior to loading any objects inside your SWF or it will have non-deterministic results (almost certainly failure to load).

Additionally, in Flash 10, the default header has been changed to ‘Master-Only’, this is the only significant change that has been made.

To deal with this, Limelight Networks does a header injection for calls to the crossdomain.xml on the root domain file which adds the following:

  • X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies: all

 This header permits Flash to look in the location specified for the crossdomain.xml file in the o1/u/m3 subdirectory.

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As of today, mydeo.com customers can request additions to the crossdomain.xml file held at http://ht.cdn.mydeo.net. This will enable your own Flash or Flex applications to access other content held at http://ht.cdn.mydeo.net and http://mydeo.vo.llnwd.net.

In order that we can add your entries, you will need to be subscribed to one of our paid plans (sorry, we cannot add crossdomain.xml entries for trial customers) and will need to provide us with a brief description of what your application will do (for security purposes).

There is a US $15, EUR 15 or £10 GBP one-off setup fee for each domain that you wish to add to the crossdomain.xml file.

To get started, please email us at geeks@mydeo.com and provide the following information:

  • Your registered account email address
  • A brief summary of your application and where it will be hosted
  • The list of domains/paths that you wish us to consider for insertion into our crossdomain.xml file

Be sure to tell us if your application is private or it will be accessible publically.

Mydeo reserves the right to refuse amendments to the crossdomain.xml file. The setup fee is a non-refundable fee charged for professional services.

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